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Serving Townsend, Ashby, Pepperell, Groton, Lunenburg, Fitchburg, Ashburnham, Shirley, Ayre, Leominster, and Southern New Hampshire

Address: 354 Main Street, Townsend, MA 01469
(just west of Townsend Ford on Main Street)
Dr. Jim Easley is a Board Certified Veterinary Surgeon
What does Board Certification mean?

*Four years of advanced training beyond the
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree.
*Experience in the development of new surgical
*Rigorous examinations by the College of Veterinary
Surgeons to ensure competency in advance surgical
*Assurance that a veterinarian is a surgical specialist.

Dr. Easley accepts referrals from area veterinarians for a
wide range of surgical procedures.

Referring veterinarians click Here for more information.

Established clients of Townsend Veterinary Hospital
receive a reduced referral exam charge with Dr. Easley.

Individuals seeking a surgical evaluation of their pet can
schedule and exam with Dr. Easley without a referral.

What are the most common procedures performed by Dr. Easley?
Orthopedic Procedures:

Cranial Cruciate Repair (Knee Surgery)
TPLO Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy
Old Style Cruciate Repair
Medial Patellar Luxation

Hip Dysplasia
Radiographs for submission to the Orthopedic Foundation
of America
Triple Pelvic Osteotomy
Femoral Head and Neck Osteotomy

Elbow Dysplasia
Ununited Anconeal Processes
Framented Coronoids
Elbow Incongruency
Osteochondritis Dessicans

Intervertebral Disc Disease
Conservative Therapy


Fracture Repair
IM pins
Bone plates
External Fixator
Soft Tissue Surgery

Airway Procedures
Laryngeal Paralysis
Everted Saccules
Elongated Soft Palate

Prolapsed Gland of the Nictitans

Lateral Ear Canal Resections
Bullae Osteotomy
Ear Ablation

Perineal urethrostomies (PU)
Ectopic Ureters
Tumors of the urinary tract

Complicated Tumor Removals
Townsend Veterinary Hospital
354 Main Street
Townsend, MA 01469-1028
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